Donate now to protect at-risk children and families during the pandemic


This is the biggest global health crisis of our lifetime.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is already having devastating consequences for children. As the coronavirus stretches health systems to their limits in every country, children are already missing out on treatment that protects them from killer diseases. The pandemic will leave many children without caregivers, out of school and in danger. And as poverty deepens, the children and families least able to cope will be hit first and hardest.

While we’re doing all we can to protect those closest to us, vulnerable children and their families cannot be forgotten as the world battles to contain the outbreak of coronavirus.

It’s only by coming together that we will help families get through this, and we must act now. We need your urgent support. Please give to our coronavirus emergency appeal.

Join our movement, because even making a small donation will save many lives.


Green World Foundation, in partnership with Shanghai International Holding Corp., supplies COVID-19
protective equipment, as well as tests to check for virus infection.

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